Wild blackberry based alcoholic beverage

This unique alcoholic beverage is made entirely from wild blackberries grown in our estate and nearby Compton farms. Wild blackberries are a rare fruit, which is why we only produce a limited number of bottles each year. Hence the reason Murmure is sold strictly in our shop and is not mass marketed across the SAQ network.

Murmure is a lively, fruity flavoured and sweet scented beverage that leaves a lingering light aftertaste. It is great as an apéritif, and even better when served with  fruity and chocolaty desserts.


Alcohol: 13%
Varietal: 100% wild blackberry
Origin: Québec
Regions: Coaticook Valley, Eastern Townships
Bottle: 375 ml
Price: $25.00 (taxes included)
Sold only in our shop