At Domaine Ives Hill, we farm black currant and specialize in black currant products as well. We also operate an agritourism business that is totally devoted to nature and the environment, with groomed trails and leisure areas that are green in every sense.

The estate is home to approximately 7,000 black currant bushes, 3.5 kilometres of trails, and numerous leisure areas ideal for enjoying a glass of wine, or simply relaxing by the river or in the fully bloomed fields. We opened a small café in 2013 so our guests can enjoy our products in a friendly and cozy atmosphere.

In 1992, co-workers Yves Cousineau and Jean-François Prévost decided to go into business together to produce a little-known berry: the black currant. They bought a dairy farm in the beautiful Coaticook Valley region of Compton.

It took five years to convert the dairy farm into black currant farmland. The first harvests were used to produce black currant purée, which the farm sold to food processing plants. Meanwhile, Yves began entertaining the idea of creating black currant wine, and two years later, the farm produced the first prototype of the popular beverage we know today. The young company now had a new identity as a black currant wine producer, and this js how Apéri-Fruits Compton was born.

Marc Déragon teamed up with Yves Cousineau in August 2010, and together the new partners looked to the future brimming with optimism and big dreams for their Domaine Ives Hill estate.

The two owners began making several changes as of 2011 in order to enhance the agritourism side of their operation. They opened a cozy new gift shop, café and banquet hall. A 3 km hiking trail was groomed to allow visitors “to amble in search of black currant.” The trail was also dotted with signs containing information on black currant and the indigenous plant life. In addition, the estate became one of the stops on the region’s Pioneer Trail, and consequently home to the art installation featuring historical figure Ellen Farwell-Ives.

Along with continually upgrading its agritourism business, the estate also expanded its product line. In 2013, six new products appeared on the gift shop shelves so visitors could enjoy black currant in every shape or form. More products are being developed and will be available for sale soon.


The health benefits of black currant

Black currant: a small fruit just waiting to be discovered!

Black currant is probably Québec’s least known berry, despite its many therapeutic benefits and delicious taste!

Among the berries that are both great tasting and good for you, black currant contains the most antioxidant substances, eclipsing even the blueberry and the cranberry in that department. Due to its high concentration of antioxidants, it has anti-inflammatory properties and helps boost the immune system. And it is said to be four times richer in Vitamin C than oranges! Also noteworthy, black currant retains its properties even once dried or after being cooked.

Black currant is an energy and active ingredient concentrate:

– Rich in iron and Vitamin C, it has excellent anti-fatigue and anti-infection properties.
– Its calcium helps promote bone health.
– It helps eliminate uric acid.
– It stimulates liver and kidney function, and is recommended against obesity.
– It promotes blood flow and reduces blood pressure.
– It also makes an excellent wound dressing (external use).